The sense of: watching

<< every sense has a story #2>>

The stories you heard, started to make sense,

When you finally saw it on the Netflix screen.

Till then you just accepted your knowledge under false pretense,

You realised how important is the world, so much unseen.

Then only, when you see,

You realised than its always more than what meets the eye,

You were just watching the world in awe,

Now you began to see.

The toddler in the playschool,

He’s now demanding toys he had seen in other kid’s grasp.

You would fill his wishes like a fool,

As after long day at work, you just don’t want to relapse.

One of the key sense of vision

It can teach you deception or discretion,

The power lie in not what you see,

But on how you see.

The key design of human anatomy

Losing it may feel your life will be gloomy,

Sometimes though, loss of vision gains you a perception.

That everything may not be as you see, it was always the mind’s deception.

Unshackle your mind of the maze of sense

For the gift of vision is both blessing and a curse.

For the mind to be free as a spirit,

You need to listen to the story of each sense to make sense.

That “everything and nothing is true” is the ultimate presence.


The long standing curse

This is a continuation of the fanfiction on Clive Barker’s Undying. Read the previous parts here:

Curse of The Undying ones

Aaron Jr was rowing the boat slowly as much as he can. His thoughts were so much in a different world, that he was not even listening to whatever Lizbeth’s head was speaking. By now he knew that the Covenant family curse started at the small island known as “The standing stones”. He had the feeling that the end is near too. Whether it is his end or the Covenants or the curse, he was unsure of. The sky was constantly crimson for some reason. Lizbeth’s head explained that it might be because the Oneiros, the country of lost dreams started to break into our reality after Pattrick Galloway killed Otto Keisinger in a duel earlier.

“Brings back the memories. We were young and naive when this started. Such a long journey we had from being naive to being undead. Ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..” Lizbeth said with her ear-piercing laugh.

Aaron was in his own chain of thoughts. Like what will happen at the standing stones? Will there be more blood? More madness? More remnants? Howlers? Scarrows? All he could understand now that the curse came to Covenants as they invoked the undying Celtic king who was cursed by being buried alive. The only way to kill is by the scythe of the celts which is now with Pattrick, who had recently tried to defeat the undying king and was almost killed.

Aaron docked the boat when he reached the islands. It was a small island stretching about a kilometre. He could see a few stone structures in the middle. When he reached there, he saw five standing stones with markings which are familiar to him now. There was another set of stones with the same markings, but they were lying like someone’s tombstone. There was a splash of dried blood on them.

“Finally! The youngest arrived with a new pawn.”

Aaron jumped towards the source of the voice. Although he had experienced this earlier, this time around was another surprise. The voice came from the head which belonged to Jeremiah. Pale to the core, still wearing specs and eyes glowing with a strange golden illumination.

“I knew that this day would come when you will try to claim power. It has been a tussle amongst all of us for a while, even when we were alive.”

“I at least didn’t get anyone else killed in the process.” Mocked Lizbeth.

“Never should have come here in the manor,” Aaron grunted.

“Ah hello, young Aaron! Mind to tag me along with all of my brothers and sisters? Seems to be a nice family reunion happening on your body and heads. That might be the solution anyways.” Jeremiah muttered the last statement to himself.

“On that, I agree. Take his head and go to the tomb. My howlers are here too, to witness their queen’s ascension. Ha..ha..ha..ha..haaaaa!”

In her reply, about 5 howlers came into view. Two of them were chewing on a mutilated human body, the rest of them were bringing out the anatomy of the body and feasting on them.

“Poor boatman. He was cute to take orders from a talking dead-head. “Lizbeth laughed and continued. “My dear nephew and brother! I intend to make you their dinner if you don’t get me what I want.”

Aaron silently picked up Jeremiah’s head and tied him on the cloth on his back.

“Devils are supposed to be scary, not loudmouths.” He muttered. He noticed that his blood was boiling inside his body. It might be his agitation towards the situation. But it only happened when he picked the eldest member of the family. The sensation picked up on his recent wounds. Out of nowhere, his skin opened up and blood started to drip off his cuts. The blood started to drop and flow towards the stone. In no time, the blood of Aaron, the last alive descendent of the Covenant family, started to settle down on the sign of the horizontal rock. The sigil which was hidden due to dust started to shine blood red.

Instinctively he looked at Lizbeth’s head, now hanging completely lifeless. It was as if someone had drained every remaining soul of hers. Jeremiah, on the other hand, was laughing. His eyes glowing redder.

“She served her purpose, and so did you. It was me who kept her alive. It was me, who sent those thoughts to your head to come here. I am now this close to be the most powerful one in all universe. I WILL POSSESS THE POWER OF HEL AND UNLEASH THE ARMY OF DRAUGAR. I WILL BE THE UNDYING KING!!”

Aaron saw the head of Lizbeth lifeless now as it was supposed to be. He also noticed that all the Covenant family members are moving upwards. They were now placed on his shoulders. Aaron and Ambrose on left. Lizbeth and Bethany on the right.

Many things happened in a short span of time after. Aaron saw two figures running towards him. One with long brown hairs, white shirt and leather pants. He had the Gel’ziabar stone on his neck as well. He was moving his
Hands in some gestures making some spells. Another was completely covered in the hood and had a staff. At the same time, he saw two howlers jumping towards them. One big howler, however, came towards him and struck at his heart. Blood started to slur out of his body and his heart was now in the howlers hand. Immediately, the howler picked Jeremiah and placed his head where the wound was created at his chest.

“For years I was yearning for a stronger body. Now I have yours and the powers distributed amongst my siblings. I am invincible! Ha..ha..ha..ha.haaaaaw!”

This time the laugh had multiple voices.

“Now we Covenants will rule the world as one Undying king. Now no one can defeat us.”

Patrick, who just killed the howlers now had Jeremiah’s attention.

“You will be defeated this time Jeremiah. Once and for all. This hunt of power on the expenses of so many lives needs to end.” He roared. He moved his hands in a gesture and few skulls came out of nowhere and launched and blasted at the new entity Jeremiah has become.

“Never learning. Always the same Pattrick!” Jeremiah levitated from the ground and moved his hands. Suddenly the island was covered with portals from Oneiros. From each portal, there were scarrows coming in. There were Draugar joining them. The Draugars had shotguns and spears just like the Trasanti warriors. Pattrick and the hooded monks were able to deflect and get rid of a few. But they were too many for a small space.

“Now suffer the wrath of the Undying king!” All the heads on Aaron’s body were now in Remnant form. Each head chanting some incantation to control the different monsters. The numbers were overwhelming for two of them, forcing them to fight tooth and nails. Patrick was constantly switching between the scythe and his spells to defeat as many as he can. The hooded guard was also animated and now joined by three more hooded figures, which helped to level the battle. However, the numbers were still too many and the Undying king was not stopping. Patrick knew he needs to stop him somehow. Thus he fired all the silver bullets in his revolver at him.

In an unexpected response, The undying king blocked them midway in air and flicked them away. The bullets ricocheted towards the Scarrows and Draugar nearby.

“Still not learning.” The voices said in disgust, they conjured a lightning bolt towards him and other hooded guards. One of them was unlucky to not notice what is coming at him. He got knocked over to the electric shock and died immediately. There were then bolts raining throughout the ground, Patrick survived only because of the possession of haste and shield spells he had recently learned before the previous encounter with the undying king.

“Two can play the game!” Patrick roared as he shot lightning spells of his own towards the Undying king and blinded him for a moment. He then rushed towards the levitating king with quick glides and the scythe of the celts held tight. With two swift motions, he hit Bethany and Ambrose’s head to disconnect them from the body of Aaron Jr. Both heads tossed to the ground lifeless and some of the monsters dropped dead with them.

“Even if you kill any of us, we will rise again and again. It has been a cycle for years unless the Undying king gets the place he deserved all those years ago. Unless he takes the revenge on those filthy Celtic monks who buried him alive. Unless I..Unless we help him achieve the same. This was a chance via Lizbeth’s cycle like earlier it was me. Next will be Aaron, then Bethany and Ambrose. We cannot die until we fulfil this curse.”

“There is always a way. You do not have to sacrifice your family. Exposing your siblings and now the next generation? You need to end it now and forever.” Saying so, Patrick unleashed the skull storm. Jeremiah did not move and deflected them away.

“You may have gone strong and got these magical spells, but I am way too strong now.” He flicked his wrists and it lifted Patrick and others off the ground. He then moved his hands to throw everyone else except Patrick. He gestured to bring him closer and brought him in front of Jeremiah’s head. “Join me or die. What will it be, my friend?”

“You have been evil since the beginning. I can never call you a friend.” Patrick retorted.

“I cannot be killed! EVER!! And now you cannot leave this ground.” Patrick’s screams filled the crimson sky as the Undying king summoned swords out of thin air and slashed at Patrick’s legs until they were disjointed from his body. Blood filled the ground below as he fell on the ground with his legs drowning in the red pool. Patrick was losing a lot of blood. He knew his end is near. It was impossible for him to beat the Undying king this time. While he was gathering his final thoughts, Lizbeth spoke up, “You are the weakest one. Always wasting time in sparing what can be threatful to you. You are a coward who will never get the glory from this power. Aaron, kill him!!!”

Aaron’s hands moved and pulled Jeremiah to disconnect him from the heart. Then he tossed the head, juggled it with lightning bolts and dropped him in front of a howler. The howler jumped and caught the head. It started chomping on it as if it has been hungry for ages. The crunching sound of the skull can be heard loud. Then the howler hopped out of the view.

“One more down. See Patrick, I helped you too. And now I will finally kill you!” Lizbeth laughed hard. Patrick knew his end is mere moments away. He could not move and he had losing blood. He collected last of his strength and put up the magical shield around him as the last defence. He pulled out the Gel’ziabar stone and yelled, “I summon thee.” A black portal appeared in his shield and the head of the hound of Gel’ziabar appeared. Patrick tossed the stone to its mouth and said, “You know what to do!” The hound went back while the portal disappeared.

“Lizbeth! This is my last moment. But I promise you, this is going to be the last for you too!” Patrick took his last breath and dropped lifelessly. In the next few minutes, the stones started to disappear. The portals to Oneiros were closed. The hounds, draugar and all ghostly elements dropped dead.

“So the past is altered.” Aaron was gaining control back on his mind and body. He pulled Lizbeth’s head and held in front of him. “Power never lasts. Now the Covenant family can rest in peace.

“Noooooooooooo!!!!!” Were her last words as all the Covenant family heads disappeared into oblivion. Aaron dropped on his knees, feeling liberated from the control of the demonic power which held him in control. Aaron looked up, with tears and relief in his eyes. He could see the sky getting cleared while most of the structures of standing islands were fading till the point where there was no proof of conflict. In the next few minutes, the only sound which could be heard was the wind blowing through the island and Aaron being the only one alive. He saw the corpse of the magician, the one the Covenant’s knew as Patrick Galloway. His hands still clutching on the string attached to the Gel’ziabar stone. While Aaron was still comprehending the events of the last few hours, the stone appeared again in the hook of that string.

Aaron knew in his heart that the stone is for him to carry. He was not sure of what has to be done with it but he was certain to pick it up and say goodbye to his short legacy of being associated with the Covenant’s family and the long-standing curse of the Undying King. He picked it up and then went back to the boat to row himself out of the island to figure out what’s next for him. He may have got a taste of power and evil. Now it would be his decision to choose his fate.

FRIDAY 13th April 1990

The Covenant family siblings were excited to the core. They were out on their own after many days after Jeremiah discovered about a nearby standing island and a magic book. All of them were excited to play the game of magic. They place the book on the flat stone and started to chant the Gaelic chants in rhythm. Lizbeth being the youngest was excited and giggling her heart out.

Halfway through the chant a purple light appeared and started to become like a magical gate. The children were excited to see this outcome. They became louder as the sky also changed. They stopped when they saw a big brown hound jumping out of the portal and growling at them. The hound had a strange green stone on its neck, which started to glow. The hound jumped on Bethany and Ambrose and bit off their heads instantly. The children are now horrified. They shouted and started to run away from the centre of the stone. But the hound was fast, it attacked Jeremiah and inserted its paws to his heart, drawing it out in open and killing him. Then it jumped towards Aaron and killed him like Bethany. Lizbeth who was happy a few moments ago was now standing still. She was shocked as to how this can be the outcome of their little play. Then out of nowhere she hurled a howl and charged towards the beast. In her child’s brain, this was an impossible outcome. The hound was also taken aback when she jumped on him. But she was a child now. The hound was much more strong to shake her off to the ground. Then it bit on her head, killing her immediately. It then started to drag their bodies towards the portal until half of each body was in the portal. Then it went inside the portal closing the same. The bodies were sucked in and there was nothing left other than the eerie silence.

The End

This is a work of fiction and does not have any correlation to any living or dead person. This fan fiction is based on Clive Barker’s Undying. All character rights are either with Clive Barker or EA games.

Aaron vs Aaron

This is a continuation of the fanfiction on Clive Barker’s Undying. Read the previous parts here:

Curse of The Undying ones

Aaron was struggling to see. The fact things were pitch dark except the area around the fallen torch was not helping either. His eyes were clouded due to that strange projectile shot at him by the creature in front of him. The creature was slowly crawling towards him. Aaron was sure his death is onto him again. He regretted the moment he landed his foot on the Covenant 9manor. He came to his senses when he heard the screaming head. The voice of which was now familiar, yet he still got chills in his spine whenever he hears it or sees the half-burnt half-dead face.

“Kill it before it kills you! There are 100s of them here.”

He could not think or see. His hands instinctively went to his revolver and he shot at the creature. He shot at it twice. The Scarrow flinched but didn’t stop.

“Idiot! Need silver!”

He didn’t had any silver bullets. It was not something he had foreseen. He knew death is now close to him. All he could do now to delay the inevitable. He fumbled his hands to find something in the room and got his hand on the axe he saw earlier. He grabbed the handle and swung at the scarrow with all his might.




Loud sound came as the Scarrow’s body was split in half and fell on the floor. Aaron sighed with relief. He lifted the axe and saw the blood dripping from the blade. His heart was beating so hard that it could jump out of his chest. Suddenly, where the body fell, there was nothing visible. A black spot was visible, which disappeared in few seconds. His hand went tight on the axe. Although his eyes were saying that he was terrified to the core. He picked up the axe and made a run to pick up Ambrose’s decaying head. He didn’t try to look back, but he could hear the sound of scarrows crawling, this time from multiple places in the dark. He touched his Scrye tattoo and the room glowed purple. He could at least make out where the head and the door is. seeing everything was clear, he tried to make a run for head and then the exit.

Moments before he was about to exit, he remembered about that strange stone. He took it out, and he felt that the creatures are now shying away from him. Not knowing what this is about, he went out of the room, closed the door behind and took a breathe of relief.

“You could have warned me about that.” He complained.

“Where is the fun in that. Even though I hate these creations of Otto. Where are the stone and the head now?” Lizbeth’s head squealed.

“Who is Otto? And what is this stone? What was that beast? How did it come from past to future?”

“Too many questions! Too many! Let me see my beloved brother Ambrose and let’s go get the rest. Sooner you do, sooner you die. Later you do, sooner you die. Haaaaawwww!” She shrieked again in high pitch.

There were howling sounds somewhere close by now, responding to the shrieking sound of hers. Aaron knew that it could not be a coincidence. The howlers are nearby, the Scarrows are lurking everywhere in the mansion, he wondered what he has dragged himself into. He thought it’s best to keep the focus on being alive and get out as soon as possible. However, with the events happening now had piqued his curiosity around Aaron Covenant. Some part of him was now hoping to talk to him, even in the undead form.

“What now? What mortal task I need to do before I die?” He smirked.

“Grab the rest of the family and carry the heads on your belt”. Lizbeth replied in the same tone. “Now we go to my favorite after death space. The crypt rooms. Word of advice, you can give the stone to me. I will protect you. Auntie promise. Ha..Ha..Ha..”

Aaron sighed. He was getting used to the talking head. “Although, what if…”

He remembered how Ambrose fitted the stone in his axe. He took the axe in his left hand and took the stone in right. Suddenly he saw his Scrye glowing and the edges of axe were bright green with the reflection of green-emitting light on the edge.

“Haste but don’t haste in the need to get away,

Gel’ziabar carved this piece to boost strength anyway.

Wear the stone, the king is yet to dethrone,

See beyond you see, be beyond you be,

Demons held it close to be humans, humans held it to be away from them.”

He saw and the hound, which gave him the stone earlier while breaking the time barrier. He was perplexed on how to react. However, he could feel a stinging pain on his chest, as if some needle was piercing his chest. He opened the buttons of his shirt and saw another magical mark. It was like an eagle with spreading wings. However, the body was filled with a small green sand like material. He could touch and feel the coarseness around it. As soon as he touched it, he started to levitate.

“What in the name of devil, what is happening?” Aaron shouted with terror in his eyes. “Lizbeth!! Bring me down!!!”. He was back to the ground after a few seconds. “What witchcraft was that? How did I started to fly?”

“It wasn’t me.” Lizbeth’s head curtly replied. “Maybe you are more like Jeremiah instead of Aaron. The stone you used was with Jeremiah, then given to Pattrick. Who used it’s powers to reignite the family curse. The cycle has began. Hurry to the crypt now. Let’s get Aaron and Bethany’s remains.” Lizbeth’s head hurled out the same deafening scream. Aaron Jr. didn’t have many options, when howlers, scarrows and dead bodies are all around the manor. He asked for the directions to the crypts. He had the axe close to him now, even when it was heavier to carry. He got used to using the Scrye to look in dark areas. So had a hand free for not holding the torch.

Suddenly he felt an eerie quiteness around him. The wind blowing inside the tight corridor was the only sound he could hear. There were some distant howling but he choose to ignore them. He was scared and now he had two heads hanging onto him, and at least one of them talking. He had an axe now to defend himself, but it was heavy to carry. He suddenly had an idea when one of the curtains blocked him on the corridor. He pulled a couple of them out and tore it into pieces. He then made about six nooses and a big loop across his shoulder. He kept Lizbeth’s and Ambrose’s head in two of them across his chest. He adjusted the axe in the middle hooked noose at his back.

“Clever style. Your heartbeats are making me hungry. How about I eat your heart out.” Lizbeth snarled.

“Please do, and then let your minion howlers finish the job. You need me alive for some reasons I may not know yet. That is clear. Now which way to the crypts?”

“How about you finish the Scarrows and I shall let you live. Crypts are via the kitchen. Get the heads in the game. HA..HA..HA.”, another deafening laugh which Aaron was now getting used to. He then went towards the kitchen.


There was a loud sound of the heavy door opening up. He almost instantly jumped away from the door. There was a sharp knife thrown at him from somewhere. “Anyone here?” He shouted. In his response, another butcher’s knife, which was left unattended on one of the racks started to float. Within a split second it shot at his face, he barely reacted to it. But the knife grazed through his cheek and blood poured out.

“Jesus! What was that? This house has poltergeists too?”. He pressed the wound with his shirt sleeve. Luckily it wasn’t too deep. “It used to be brother Aaron’s work usually. Wonder if you see his head flying around too. That will be fun.” Lizbeth’s head laughed. Ignoring her remarks, he went ahead and saw another big door. He pushed it, but it was locked. “Need keys here?” The head mocked Aaron. Making a habit of ignoring now, he pulled out his revolver and shot the lock twice. The door sprung open and few stairs were visible until the darkness took them towards oblivion. Aaron touched his Scrye symbol to have some light for his eyes. The spiral stairs were still half visible. He went inside, hands gripping tightly to his axe.


“WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM,” Aaron shouted at Lizbeth.

“Ha..ha..haaaaa. it’s fun.”

Moments after he took his eyes from the head. He sensed a movement. The effect of Scrye was gone now. And it would take some time to get back. He suddenly remembered the other power he had just acquired to glide. He touched his chest and started to levitate. He glided over the stairs and reached at the bottom in no time. There was another door, left ajar. He pushed the heavy door with all his might. The room smelled of dead and rotten. And the constant darkness was not supporting the scene either.



“What the hell? Oh, l forgot I have a talking hungry head ghost.” Aaron retorted. He had one hand on his nose trying to block the stench. He sensed something moved again behind him. This time his eyes were adjusted to the dark and he saw about 3 Scarrows at about a distance of few feets. He was immediately alerted this time and he took the big axe in his hands. He ran with full speed and jumped at one of them, trying to avoid their venom spit. He came close to swinging range to one of them and swung the axe with all his might.

In a split second the Scarrow’s body was now in half. Blood spurting out and making the floor red around it.

“Never going to be used to this.” He sighed. He ran towards the other two and swung at them with all his might again. In a second, both Scarrows were on ground in pieces. Blood oozing out of the bodies. Suddenly, all three creatures were surrounded by a crystal like material and they disappeared on the ground.

“Before you ask, they have gone back to Oneiros! The country of lost dreams, that is in another reality.”

“Well, I don’t care as long as I am alive. Let’s get what we came here for and get out of here.” He went in the next room. The room structure was different. It was circular and had torches attached to the pillars. There were hooks next to those torches, which seems to had few loops from broken chains. There were signs of a fight as their were dried blood spilled at multiple places. He followed the trail while keeping his Scrye vision. He saw a headless body, naked whose hands and legs had chains attached. The flesh on the body was still bright red as if there’s blood being pumped throughout the body. And there were no signs of blood being pumped towards the head. At the neck, there was a clean-cut indicating decapitation with a heavy and sharp object. He then saw a bloody trail towards aside. That is when he froze. There lied Aaron’s head, had multiple scars on the otherwise handsome face. The eyes soaked with dried blood and the jaw hanging out from one end of the mouth. There were torture marks visible on the torso which ran deep a few centimetres.

“You all are sick! Were sick! Doesn’t matter, you still are. Who torchures someone of your own like this.”


“If only I knew about Bethany and Otto’s work when I was alive. I love it! It would be fun if he starts to walk and kill you.”


Aaron could not finish his scentence when he spotted a howler at the door, holding something.

“Aaron, keep the head near the body and arrange the jaw. Else my howler is going to eat your head. Mind you, there are more if you want to try something smart.”

Aaron Jr was confused, but he did what he was told to. He saw from the corner of his eyes that the howler was closing in, awaiting some instructions from it’s master. But then he saw it making a move. The howler had another head, of a lady this time. The face also had scars, however, the skin was pale white, as if there was never any blood. The howler kept it in front of the body. Aaron also had adjusted his father’s corpse with the mutilated head. Now he waited to see what happens next. There was complete silence, Aaron could hear his heartbeats, and also the breathing of the howler. Then Lizbeth broke the silence.

“I am going to give my brother a chance of revenge. Let’s see what he does to Bethany’s ugly face. Maybe then I will ask the king to spare him.” Then she spoke some enchantment.

The next moment, Aaron’s head got connected with his torso. The jaw still hanging, the corpse moved. It’s hand attached to broken chains. The corpse of Aaron dragged itself on the floor and spotted Bethany’s head. It growled and let out a devil’s cry. The head was a few steps from him. The corpse spotted the howler next to him. In a flash, the chains were around the howler and it goes dragged by Aaron’s corpse. The corpse then took his chained hand inside howlers mouth and dragged out its inner organs one by one. First the tongue, then lungs and finally the heart. The corpse took the heart and smashed it with bare hands. It then poured the blood on Bethany’s lifeless head. It was evident how much hate was between the twins for the sake of power. Then it kicked it out of the way and saw Lizbeth’s head hanging on Aaron’s chest. For a split second the corpse was surprised by the resemblance of him and living Aaron. Then it attacked him with his chains. The chains hit an unprepared Aaron on his chest and he fell due to the force. However, he picked himself up. This time much aware, he pressed the flight emblem on his chest and glide himself away from Aaron’s corpse.

“Any intelligent ideas to talk my father down? Or are you enjoying the show?”

“Oh! Pretty much enjoying it. Tip is the same. Go for decapitation. We Covenants love it when someone removes our head from body. Ha..ha..ha..ha..!!”

Aaron couldn’t comprehend the scenario. In his mind, he always wanted to talk to his father and ask questions. Here he was in front of his lifelong dream, unsure of how to deal with his questions with a dead body. But sure of how to get rid of the moving dead dad body. He saw the green mark back to normal and he glided away again from the charging corpse. However, this time,the chains got stuck on his hands and he lost the flight. He was on his knees when he took the axe out, now ready to parry the next attack.

Aaron’s corpse now was hovering, and the image of him was flickering between his undead and revenant form. Aaron Jr can see his father in green suit,just like the portrait he saw earlier. The next second, he was back in his deadly form.

“Behead when he is most vulnerable.” Screamed Lizbeth.

He shook his head. He never had any choice now. It was not the way he thought he would find his answers. He ran towards the corpse building momentum. Once he was close, he swung the axe with all his might. However, his axe was caught by revenant Aaron.

“Not again.” It growled and hit him hard to bring him down on his feet. Aaron’s corpse had unnatural powers despite the fragile body. Aaron Jr was down on his feet again. The corpse now was berserk. It activated it’s poltergeist capabilities and threw the torches at him. Aaron Jr was now quick enough to use his flight capability to dodge. He enabled Scrye to help him see in the dark. The spell outlined the corpse’s shape and highlighted the joints between his heart and neck. Aaron knew the spot he had to target.

He swung his axe while gliding towards the deadly ghost and hit it at the heart. Blood splurged out like a big fountain and the corpse stopped moving.

“Nooooooo!” Shouted the corpse as Aaron swung his axe again to decapitate his father’s corpse once again. Aaron Jr. was panting now after the adrenaline drifted away. He saw the consequences of his actions as another decapitated bloodied body. He picked up his father’s head along with Bethany’s. He then tied them to the curtain cloth. A small tear came out of his eyes. He never imagined his encounter with his father like this. Much like fighting a remnant version of him. He was relieved to have avoided his own demise, but had remorse of what he has done.

“Four done, last stop The standing stones. Then you are free.” Lizbeth said in a monotone voice.

“You don’t care do you? You are just a power hungry monster.”

“A young child thrown into the power fantasy of forces she doesn’t even understand. Losing the mother and being blamed for that. Being dead and come back as a remnant. Yes I don’t see a reason to care. Now, if you be kind enough to get a boat and head for the last destination, that would be great.”

There was no other option left for Aaron Jr. now. He wanted to finish this journey he started. Thus he left out of the room without a word and started to head towards the final destination, where the curse of Covenants had started. Secretly he wished if there’s a way to remove this curse so that he may get another chance with his long dead father.


The Youngest one

This is a continuation of the story, “Curse of the Undying One”. Fiction based on Clive Barker’s Undying.

Read the previous part(s) at:

Curse of The Undying one

Aaron Jr was terrified. Every bone of his body was shivering on sight he was seeing. The beast in front of him was already horrifying. Also, the creature was holding a severed head. Blonde, green-red eyes, canine teeth were blood-soaked. Her hairs were burnt in patches, and one can smell the smell of burnt flesh. Her forehead had a black layer showing the amount of damage on the skin. At certain places, the flesh inside was visible. There were scuff marks on the chin which was also dripping with blood. It looked like the head has taken a recent victim. The beast also had bloody paws. It howled with intensity. Aaron touched his Scrye symbol. He took the revolver out in his other hand. It was aiming at the beast now. The beast was waiting for her order to charge. The head, however, was observing. It suddenly said,

“See from the other eye.”

He was about to shoot the beast. The head shouted, ” Idiot!! Tap your new ability to see what cannot be seen from normal eyes.”

Aaron lowered his gun and touched his mark. The scene shifted. The beast and the head now had a purple aura surrounding their body outlines. However, the head’s appearance changed. Aaron could now recognise it. The skin was back; the hairs were organised, the skin now was flawless, no traces of demon teeth and blood on them. Even when he recognised it, it was enough to surprise him. He toppled on one of the gravestones while walking away.

He could only say, “Lizbeth? H…H…How?”

“Cursed, dead and stuck here. What do you think? Am I pretty now or earlier. Ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha”

The laughter was piercing in his ears. It was demonic. Aaron was perplexed; he couldn’t move due to fear. He couldn’t think of what to do. He was at the mercy of the demons standing in front of him. The head continued, “You know, I am surprised. I never knew dear brother Aaron had done something to give us a way out of this wretched curse. And a chance to get back at Jeremiah. If only I knew before Pattrick came and killed us all. I would have come and eaten your heart out like a delicious snack. He was hiding. Yum!” She smacked her bloody lips. “Now, I am hungry again. So I will give you an option. Kill my beast or have him killed you. Either way, I will be eating another fresh flesh and will access to Covenant blood from a living body to break out. Kick out Otto from here, and control the Undying king for my pleasure. Ha…Ha..ha..Ha..haaaaaw!!!!”

She opened her mouth wide. Long tongue and demonic teeth came into visibility. “KIIIIILLLLLLLL!!” a shout came out of her mouth. The beast dropped her head on the ground and howled aloud. Even before Aaron was able to blink, the beast jumped on a mast in the ground above the light. Hiding it from the visibility. Aaron was now back on his feet. He could hear the howling sound coming close. He could not see it in the dark. The heavy winds blowing were making it difficult to judge. He was now aware that it is now or never, and he would be dead if he cannot kill the beast. He had no idea how to do it, though. He took his revolver and took a shot in the direction of where the howling was coming over. He knew he missed as the next moment the howling direction was different. The beast was suddenly in front of him and attacked him with the big claws. Instinctively he put his hand in front to defend. However, something happened which had the howling beast jump back into the darkness. He saw the Scrye effect flickering for a moment.

Lizbeth’s head was shouting, laughing and enjoying this show. “Kill!!! I want to see blood. Oh! It makes me thirsty. Ha..Ha..Ha..Ha..Ha!!!! I am getting meat in exchange for meat. Ha..Ha..Ha..Ha..haaaaaaahhhhh!!”

Aaron dissed her as he had to save himself first. He changed his position, now the revolver tight in his hand. He tried to listen back to howling. It was hard while Lizbeth screaming. Aaron was sure she is a pure demon. As what he could see was beyond logical explanations. He shot again towards the sound but missed. The direction of the sound changed.

“Dumb!! Like father, like son! Cannot listen to me even when I give the clues. ” She screamed.

He dissed her again. But something caught her attention. His mark was glowing again. He touched it, and his vision went flooded with purple and crimson lights. Strangely he could now see the beast clearly. It was hopping on tree branches away from usual light. It made a high jump towards him to make the final strike. Both its claws open coming at him to take the heart and head. It was going for the kill. It’s instructions clear from the beginning. But Aaron could see it coming. Immediately he aimed his gun to its head. With a well-timed shot, he fired. The bullet went through the brain with a loud burst. The beast dropped lifeless on the ground. It’s head though, hit the tombstone of Ambrose.

“Well, that takes care of the small pest.” Lizbeth’s head squealed. “Well! Well! We have a winner. Does this mean he will rise as a hero? Will he make out alive of the Covenant curse? Being the idiot he is, I highly doubt. Phbbbtttt..!” She took her long tongue out, mocking Aaron. Aaron, already frustrated and flustered, tried to stomp on her tongue to stop the abomination from talking. When he missed, he tried to kick the head. She then said, “Dare to do that, and I will call upon my 50 howlers to rip off your filthy heart and then dine on your intestines and blood like a hot stew. Don’t dare, and I would still do the same, but with that dead trash over there.”

Aaron stopped when he saw himself surrounded by at least a dozen ‘howlers’. They were about 7 feet tall, muscular man-dogs on two feet and big claws. “Now be a darling and escort me to the fresh flesh.” She said with conviction. Aaron, for some reason, felt to comply. He did not have many options, anyways. He was surrounded by too many, and he did not have a lot of bullets. Also, there was a thought back in his mind to see what more is in the store. He picked the head with the hairs. “Ouch! You blithering uncultured baboon! Don’t you know how to treat a lady?” The head screamed.

Now for the first time, Aaron replied with a normal voice, “I do! This is the first time with the ugly undead head only lady. I can tell that you need me more than I need you. Something tells me there’s more to know. Else I would have been shredded into pieces like that poor gardener.”

“Try to be smartass and get killed. Try being dumb and then die. Either way, you will be another headless corpse. Now pick me up and listen. You need to go inside and collect us. Try being smart, and I will invoke the bunch of corpses on you.” She muttered something, and suddenly one of the unmarked graves started to shake. The loose ground began to come apart, and suddenly, a boned hand came out. Then another, a skull started to come in view. Within no time, the whole skeleton came out of the grave. A bluish-white glow surrounding the whole skeleton. The skeleton slowly started to creep towards Aaron. The was inches away from him when he suddenly moved out of the path. The skeleton responded almost at the speed of sound and came back to him again, arms extended. Aaron grasped an opportunity and kicked it on the ribs. The Skelton, being an old one, went into pieces instantaneously. However, the glow was still surrounding it. The different parts started to join back again. This time, the head was in the middle where the stomach gap should have been. One of the arms held another broken arm as a staff and charged at Aaron again. He quickly took out the revolver and emptied the clip on the skull. The skeleton was tattered again. However, this time, it didn’t stand back. Aaron sighed a breath of relief.

“Don’t think YOU finished it. It was my powers which brought it out, and mine only can stop them. Now be a good baby and pick me up. We have work to do. And remember if you try to be smart…haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” She screamed with her tongue stuck out like a hungry animal. Aaron thought it is best to play along if he wants to live and survive out of this place. He reloaded his revolver with bullets and aimed at her. “For now. You also need a reminder. I am the one with hands body and gun along with the brain.” He picked the head and tied a cloth around the neck as a nook. The other end of nook, he placed at the side of his belt.

“The dead cannot rest even later. Stuck at the most uncomfortable and stinky place and human. What did I do to deserve this.” Lizbeth’s head mocked.

“Shut up! What is it you want?”

“Glad you asked, unlike Mr Galloway, who always shot first. You need to get our bodies to the standing stones and chant some mumbo jumbo to get us out of this undying cycle. And also be alive throughout.”

“What do you mean?”

“Means, go inside, bring the heads of Ambrose and your father, Aaron. Get the head of Bethany from eternal Autumn and Jeremiah from standing stones. Sacrifice and let the course take place.”


“Come on, you heard me, now be a darling and do this quick, or become a corpse like that real quick.”

Aaron had no option left. He went inside the gate. He wasn’t sure that he should be terrified, amused or annoyed while carrying a dead talking head. He thought what would have triggered for such undying state of hers.

As soon as he went in, same eerie winds and distant howlings sent a chill to his spine. Despite knowing the source of howling sound, he was afraid. He could not identify the other sound yet. Lizbeth’s head spoke, “Still scarrows are lurking around. If I were you, I would never set foot on that room on your left. Go up and go inside the second room on the right.”

“Scarecrows?” As he skipped steps on the stairs in a hurry to go in the mentioned room.

“Scarrows! Creatures from here lurking from hell. You would see them soon. Focus on the task now.”

Aaron shook his head and pushed the heavy door inside. It was dark inside in what appears to be a big room. Aaron took his torch and lit it. At least he could see something now. He started to look around the room when suddenly he stumbled upon some sort of staff. He crouched to see what it is. It was an axe which had traces of dried blood. Lizbeth’s head suddenly shrieked, “Murderers!!! All of them, hungry and bites more than they can chew. Always!”

“Calm down, demon! At least give a warning before screaming your non-existent lungs out. What are you talking about.” He picked up the axe to check. The blood was long dried. However, there was a flickering green glow coming from the top of the axe. He touched it without thinking. He had a strange surge of energy striking through his nerves, and his scrye glowed brightest. He could see an Irishman talking to Ambrose in his undead form, while Jeremiah was on the mercy of him. He saw a green stone was tossed to Ambrose by the Irish, which transformed him into a bigger demonic form then killing Jeremiah. He then saw the Irishman defeating Ambrose by decapitating him with a big scythe.

Then something strange happened, a big greyhound jumped on the Irishman as soon as he picked up the green stone. The hound picked it up as the Irish went unconscious and jumped towards Aaron now. Aaron fell to the ground by surprise. The hound was standing very close to him, as close as he can feel it’s breath over his face. However, it didn’t do anything to him, but dropped the green stone on his feet and left into darkness. As Aaron picked the stone, he saw the Irish getting up and picking up the stone in his time. Just then, the Scrye vision stopped.

However, he felt another surge of energy flow through him as he held the stone. Now he was levitating; however, it lasted a minute or so. Lizbeth’s head retorted, “Looks like you are more like that pathetic outsider than our own blood. Such corruption will not help. Find Ambrose’s head and let’s go for the next one. Remember, one smart move and my howlers will come on to you.”

“I know, No need to remind. What the hell I just saw though. This is going beyond my head.” He moved away searching for Ambrose’s remains. “Just focussing on what I need to do to get out of here alive.”

“Will you? Ha..ha..ha..ha..haaaa!!” The head screamed, it started to tilt itself so that it can touch the greenstone, which now started to glow brightly as Ambrose was moving towards one of the corners. Aaron slapped her back. “What are you doing? There is still three more to collect before you would try to eat me. Then..”. “Shut up!! I need the stone, it has powers, it is what exactly I need. What you saw is an instance of time-bending. That hound had helped in the cause. Once I rule over the undying one, I will think of sparing it.”

It again tried to roll itself towards the stone. This time, Aaron was then quick enough to deflect it away. He took the stone in his hand and away from Lizbeth. He continued towards the area where the glow was more radiant. He saw a head with a red bandana on it. It was pale white and had a hateful look in those dead eyes. As soon as he picked it, there was a hissing sound behind him. He first thought it was Lizbeth, then he turned and saw a figure about 10 steps away. The figure was slowly creeping towards him. It looked like a mix of a snake and a bird. Had three red beaks coming out of a skull and rest of the body like a reptilian standing on its tail. As it crawled towards him, the creature spat a black substance like a projectile to him. He fell down on the floor on impact. Another one landed on him, his vision was now blurred, and he could feel his skin burning. As it was coming in close, Aaron could feel his death onto him.


What remains of the Covenants

Curse of The Undying One

Aaron Jr. was rowing a small boat. He had necessary supplies loaded up in a leather bag. More than supplies, he was loaded up with a plethora of thoughts. He was excited and scared at the same time. Knowing what has happened to his family and how Pattrick Galloway had to deal with his family curse was boiling his blood in rage. He tried to concentrate towards rowing through the still waters of the river around the Irish islands.

Appearance-wise, he was lean and had red hairs like his father Aaron Covenant Sr. His hair, red like his father, was perfectly combed. He had a thin yet athletic physique, eyes searching for solace. He had heard from his mother about a curse his fathers family was succumbed to. His father had to die twice, if he had to believe the stories. Once by Aaron’s twin sister Bethany and then by Pattrick in his hellraiser form.

Aaron Jr had just heard about these stories of affecting the whole Covenant family affected by a curse and then the story of the Irishman coming on request by Uncle Jeremiah to obliriate or instead ‘take care’ of the ghostly activities happening in and around the Covenant manor. He was thinking about his mother and a brief affair between Aaron Covenant and her, who was just a barkeep. She heard the news of Aaron Covenant’s mysterious disappearance. Given the controversial nature of the family, she decided to keep his son away from the family for as long as she can. Aaron Jr was 7 years old then. But he never heard about who his father was.

It was only November of 1923, when he heard about Pattrick Galloway, who came to help Jeremiah to get rid of ‘strange occurring’ happening around the manor. The maid in the manor was a friend of his mother. After his mother went terminally ill about a couple of years ago, she helped Aaron Jr. ( known as Aaron only earlier). He heard more stories of a ‘specialist’ coming to take care of Covenant family issues. His mother also confessed about the father of his and told about curses longing around the family. Thus she wanted to keep him away from the manor as much as possible. But now, Aaron was curious. Aaron anchored the boat outside the empty manor, where waves are almost touching the stairs leading to the gate of manor.

The manor was now completely empty, the servants and keepers have left it after they learned about Jeremiah being killed by the effects of the curse. Of course, what actually happened was far from worse, but it was easier for the lower-salaried servants to just take this as an excuse to getaway. However, he spotted a Gardner, just watering the plants for the final time. His bag and equipment were assembled in the middle of the garden. As soon as he is done, he had the intention to leave this haunted place.

Aaron Jr. Stepped to him and greeted, “Hello, has everyone left the manor already?”

He got a curt reply, while the Gardner wasn’t event looking at him, “Dead mostly, and I will be too if I don’t go out soon. Why are you here? Do you want to be dead too?” When he looked at the guest, he started shivering, “Holy crap! Don’t kill me please, I have always served your family with honor and respect”.

Aaron Jr. was surprised for a minute. He replied, “Hey, nothing to be afraid of, I am neither a ghost or a monster. I am just human like you.”

“But you look just like him. Before Bethany mutilated his body and tortured the soul.”, the gardner was shivering with fear. His first instinct was to run, but he was clutching the trowel very tightly, ready to defend himself the last time.

Aaron has to calm the guy once again. He explained that he had just landed on the mansion for the first time ever in his life. And after the encounter with the Gardner, his curiosity was piqued. He wanted to see how close he resembled his father to spook the poor guy. “Well! I’ll leave you at it. I am going in to have a round of my mansion.” He gave a soft chuckle. The gardener was terrified, he didn’t stop him. Aaron now took out a torch and had his left hand on the gun pouch to be ready for anything.


A deafening sound came when he pushed the doors. It was dark inside. Darker than the midnight, some might say. It would have been impossible to see inside if not for the torch. The wind was whistling a harmonious sound. The sound could haunt you, or even hunt you if you get too lost in the dark space. There was an eerie mix of wind, a distant howling, and someone rustling, perhaps on the upper floors. Aaron had an intuition that he might not be alone. Given the stories he had heard recently about the mansion, he was sure it might not be a human after all.

He was curious yet alert. His grip getting tighter on the torch and he had pulled the flap open, ready to draw his gun at the first instant. He could see some shadows moving across on the stairways ahead. It might be his imagination or something ethereal, there wasn’t any way to tell. He carefully went up to the stairs and took a turn. There was a long hallway with many windows. The moonlight was shining though the gaps of Windows. There were constant yet slow sounds coming from the far end of the corner. Aaron pushed in the big door in front of him instead. That looked like someone’s personal library. He jumped as he heard something rustling through the floor just behind him. It was a big mole, the size of two palms at least. He went back and started to look into various books. Many have captured the family history and had lots of portraits of family members. Three of the family members straight away caught his attention. His father Aaron, of whom he was looking a replica at a young age. Jeremiah, who had a bizarre look, as if it wants to come out of the portrait. And Lizbeth, he had never seen a beauty with such elegance and grace in his life. He had heard in his village about the tragic death of the youngest of Covenants. She died of some strange illness and was buried later in the mausoleum of the manor.

He went in awe when he saw her portrait. She had beautiful blonde hair tied to a bun. Her eyes were intense green. It would have been hard for the family to bury the youngest one. He then started to look for more details about what happened. It was then he encountered a strange round symbol on one of the big old books. The symbol had three branches coming out and going inside in a well symmetrical fashion. It was glowing golden, even under the dust. The flickering moonlight on it was making it more mesmerizing.

There seems to be a faint female voice coming from somewhere,

“It can’t die, set it free!”

Almost out of curiosity, he touched the symbol. Immediately, the symbol turned blood red, and then started to glow purple. The whispers became stronger now. It appeared to be at least two distinct female voices. There was an urgency in those callouts. They were eager now. As if it was another chance came up, another door had opened up. Aaron noticed another purple symbol on the book. It looked like a purple eye with an arrow. A heading Scrye was written with an enchantment:

“Look beyond thy being you want to,

Shine thy darker shared past of your soul into,

Scrye with thy winds of demons,

Use thee as thy summoner of summons.”

Soon as he read this, a surge of ethereal energy came out of the book and surrounded him. It lifted him up in the air and bombarded with energy balls going inside him. He almost choked on the lack of air. A minute after, when it stopped, he felt a burning feeling in his right arm. He pulled in his sleeves and saw the same symbol now on his arm. He was petrified with the short visions he had with this, like he had seen death. The scroll had some power to it, which showed him many past events, brutal and graphic in a split second. He saw some random pirates being mutilated by an strange animal, like a hybrid of Rottweiler head on the human body with wolf claws. Next moment he saw a weird monster, slowly creeping up on him. The beast had beaks like a pelican and white body. He spit out something like poison straight to him. Aaron dropped to the floor when experiencing this vision. His breath was heavy. His heartbeats coming back to normal now.

He now knew he is in hell. How deep is something he couldn’t tell. His flesh was burning, where the mark came up. Unconsciously he rubbed it. As soon as he did, his vision changed. Everything was illuminated with bright purple light. The wind started howling faster, his heartbeats were slower than usual.
Interestingly it felt calmer this time. He saw that it changed his perception of the environment. However, one thing caught his attention. It raised chills in his spine with fear and terror. The family portrait sitting on the opposite wall changed. Where there were elegant family members earlier, he could see five demon bodies, all decapitated. Apart from Lizbeth’s body, everyone was holding their heads in one hand. Aaron’s head though was without a jaw. Ambrose’s head had a green glowing scar in between his eyes. Germany’s head was 1.5 times bigger than her portrait. Her other hand had something which looked like the remaining part of Aaron’s jaw. Jeremiah’s head was half-buried on the ground, and his specs were on the floor, under Lizbeth’s legs. The sight was tormenting to him. He could not comprehend if this were a symbol of what happened or what to come. Or was it just his mind playing with him in this place.

This was there for an about a minute when the purple lights were shed, and his vision was back to normal. He saw the portrait which was now back to normal. He drank his rum from the bottle he had on his side to calm himself. But now he started to hear distant voices of a woman. He picked up his torch and stepped out of the library. He went outside in haste to get out of the haunting place. He saw that the Gardner has now left the mansion, meaning he was alone amongst the terrors he could not even anticipate. He saw that the garden gate was open. He didn’t have any other option to go out, so he started to follow the route. The sun was setting down, making the sky crimson gold. It felt like that if Armageddon is about to hit the earth. He felt his scrye mark again for comfort. As soon as he touched it, the vision changed, the garden was back with blooming flowers, instead of the withered ones. He saw a porch glowing up, indicating a passageway to somewhere. He instinctively went towards the porch and saw a heavy door. The door led him outside the manor to the family mausoleum. There he could see the gravestones of all the Covenants. It had gravestones of Joseph and Evaline covenant at the far end. Followed by Jeremiah, Ambrose, Bethany, Aaron and Lizbeth. Each of the five gravestones of the Covenant children had dents, like someone had tried to open them with sharp tools. This was the moment he realised that he wasn’t alone. He turned immediately, a massive figure was slowly walking towards him. In the dim light he couldn’t make out what it was. But soon he realised that it was a beast, with head of dog, body of man and wolf claws. Just like he saw in the vision. Only thing was, this abomination wasn’t attacking him. It was standing at a distance of couple of foots. Almost ready to launch an attack. But it seems it was waiting for an order.

Aaron screamed hard when he saw what was in the hand of the beast. It was a severed head, a head which was alive and talking.


This is a fan fiction on Clive Barker’s Undying. All character rights are owned by the author and EA games as publisher. I do not own the rights for the characters, symbols and places.

The sense of: hearing

《Every sense has a story》

Humans, known by humans for their intelligence,

Always ready to wrong with the right defences.

What truely defines us apart is the senses in the count of six,

The will to use them alone or in a mix.

Here today is a story of the sense of hearing,

We listen,learn, leverage or lie for a little bit of cheering.



Go social, login to Facebook, Twitter, Insta or YouTube.

Go out to be social or be inside the social cube.

Sixteen or sixty, we are entitled to listen to the opinion of the masses,

And then gets sucked in to be sucker punched on the faces.



More the words, more the emotions,

More & more is the granularity of the confusions.

the more we listen, the less we think,

Taking no action for the actions, let them hopes briskly sink.



Some will tell you your divine purpose,

Some will derail you to failure on purpose.

What you hear can manipulate what you want,

Else if you want, you can manipulate what you hear.



In reality, the sense of hearing alone can be excruciating,

Wanted to do on the basis of rumors can be humiliating.

The whispers, hymns, words you take into your mind,

Can be misinterpreted in 1000 ways to make you emotionally blind.



Thus, rely on nothing and everything at the same time,

Don’t go out trying useless and senseless rhymes.

Be on look out on what’s to come,

Just like stories of other senses I am going to show like an old gum.

The opposite fall season

Tears tears through realities,

Keynotes of the music plays like a tease.

Smothering? Are we not every moment,

Recovering? Meh! You lost the very component.



Pretending to attend the tender September,

May you feel closer to the devil’s December.

Promises? There’s so much of them in your youth,

Broken promises? Well, isn’t that the actual truth?



Even when you want to make everything even,

Never count your loses over the number of wins.

Sympathies? There’s always T&Cs with silver linings,

Apologies? Great! Now we’re learning.



Dice the dice of your lucky anonymity,

Times are now being rebel to show Nobelity & chivalry.

Alone? Feeling all alone in the noises around,

Solution? #laugh! Still digging,it’s way too underground.



Lie lied on the road to perdition,

Double the damage to go to imaginary wonderland.

Felt it? Well! That feeling of the opposite of a fall,

Flip it! You should see the world turmoil.



The current current of thoughts,

Can be earthed either ways and create the mind’s sillhoutes,

Godspeed? Farout! Blessing or curse,

Damnation? Maybe doomed we are, are better for worse.


Where is when?

The unequivocal references to the definition of when,

Where do we draw the line when we don’t hold the pen.

The design we desire to swivel away from the deadly sins,

Can be defined after we know where is when?

What needs to be done?

When honouring someone is judged as an act of pusillanimity.

While still unsure growing feelings of antipathy,

Still trying to understand the role of what is who with my left out dignity.

There’s the hymns stuck in my head,

Why though, it feels like they are not going to be my godspeed.

Why is the destination of where is more important than the journey?

Where will you be after life, and where will be your money?

Where is why we are surviving questions?

Why is where we have to decide the destinations.

Whatever we want to be we need the be,

We should be free enough to plant the knowledge tree.

If you feel all the above words are a bunch of confusing entwined emotions,

You may be correct and about to solve the puzzle of the W’s of motivations.

I have been petrified to my the core of my nerves,

And still trying to understand that,

Where is when?

What is who?

Why is where?

The Diaries of “them”

Have you ever wondered when you were young,

If the diary of your crush mentioned you as a potential fling.

Wouldn’t that be a funny discovery?

If the diary elaborated a fictional scenario of both of you together,

Maybe enjoying the ice cream cone,while your hands intertwined together.

Wouldn’t that be so satisfying to achieve?

Everytime you “buzzed” the invisible username on yahoo and MSN,

In the hope of finding them online, and still having the talking permission.

Wouldn’t that be exciting to be actually next to them while talking?

All the courage you gathered on the last day of college of hiding behind the notebook,

To go to them and ask them to fill the slam book.

Wouldn’t that be nice to get one back from them, not as a formality?

Grown now, do you think they follow your Instagram daily?

Or see your tweets just like you do?

Wouldn’t that be nice to see a DM from them once a while?

( Not just on birthday)

Well, maybe all of these were true.

Maybe you had something to connect to.

Why didn’t you?

Maybe there was a God’s sign to persue,

(Or not)

Even if you did not make into the diary, you made into their memories.

Just for once maybe, wouldn’t that be amazing to discover that you actually made it to their diary?


Watch your step!!

The only advise given to us when growing up,

Don’t be careless!!

The warning given to us to be on the path of righteousness.

Little did I know,

Everything we do is not the way we are told to do.

Show empathy to the needy!!

Learn to give and not to be greedy.

Be patient for better results!!

Act after only you had read the moments pulse.

There are tons of instructions written down for leading a life of good,

However I do not understand why we don’t follow them in the adulthood.

Think outside the box!!

Broaden your horizons to define your own equinox.

Look for the source of Light!!

Follow it, it will make things alright.

Everything said might be true in its own design.

But it has always been unclear, where do we draw the line.

The asks are getting bigger day by day.

Keeps the thoughts of keeping the self esteem at bay.

But Hey!

Lessons are meant to be learnt.

Apart from skin, the world will make your heart burn.

Take the higher ground, break your fall, not your neck.

If you’ve been up, you’re gonna go down next.

What May seem like a hyperbolic curve,

Could be the full circle.

Keep on moving forward, for what May lie ahead is the outcome you actually deserve.