Fundamental findings

There has to be something wrong with my approach to live,
As I never understood why i am again and again falling in the same circumstances
I might be trying my best to beat the world in its own game to survive,
Albeit I get caught in the crossfire between the thrive to excel and unfortunate chances.

It could be that I am fundamentally wrong,
As I have always been challenged on my ways to see things,
People have been too politically correct and headstrong,
And I feel out of the world as I can’t connect those obvious strings.

If I ask my ‘wellwishers’ for some guidance to not survive but excel,
I get to hear things like ‘mate, you gotta come out of your shell’.
If only I was good enough to explain that this is who I have been,
And trust me just once here, that one is the simplest solution I have seen.

I honestly think, I am fundamentally different,
I accept that.
However, when I yell out, that’s literally everyone,
I get the middle finger by my destiny, by the way, transcribed destiny to everyone around!

I am just a different kind of person like everyone is,
Only difference with me that I want to embrace the differences,
But then again, my thinking might be invaluable as I couldn’t flatter a few,
I feel this apathy not due to being fundamentally challenged, at least, that’s not new.

Eventually I might be the one to give in.
As I am just tired, tired of explaining.


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