How much I miss the capability of converting one single thought to multiple verse,
Now just trying to come up with a solelequi for the entire universe.
Maybe I wasn’t good ever at any of this I had boasted for,
So I am just desperately trying to put words no one care for.

What used to take hours earlier,now isn’t getting shaped even in few days time,
I guess I seriously lost the touch of my prime time.
Maybe I had evolved to be a better person, but now lacks the zeal and creativity,
Maybe I just want to be stable in this life for the sake of finding some serendipity

Looking for some inspirations at maybe virtual and wrong places,
Even trying Gambling to win to get all the ace’s
One may see now how desperate I am to put some words in good Places
Just for completing any nonsensical set of phrases

So many changes happening now in and around the life,
It’s Somewhat impossible to keep a check on the effects on the time,
Had to do a lot of thinking to make sense of the things going on ,
Not sure why I’m trying when nothing was ever in my hand

Taking too much time now to put this randomness altogether to make some sense,
Trying to make them as the pieces of the puzzles of the life,just like the time of adolescence
Maybe I need a break from the things happening around me to solve this problem,
Or I might have to think that it’s just a life’s way to Teach me. It doesn’t require any solutions.

Now even I try to finish off this verse to have my logical conclusion for this affair,
Cannot even think of a title, not sure how this is fair,
Maybe I’ll just keep it, shape it as I wanted,
Maybe from here on now, I’ll have the opportunity to get the best of life, maybe that was always granted.


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