Death of the outsider

Now this is going to be a difficult to put in shape,
I am not sure if this is going to be the curtain drop,
Frankly, I am unsure this time what thoughts from my brain may escape,
I am still working on how to make them stop.

For a long while now, maybe since the time I entered the maturity faction,
I grew an strange affection for the unusual fiction.
People used to give examples of fairy tale endings to motivate our childhood adventures,
I however, just hovered towards the darker side, so that my reality quenches.

Everywhere I’ve been, everyone I’ve met, I always felt like an outsider observer,

Trying to get the 360 degree view of each and everyone’s fervour.

Be it the kin, be it the friends, be it anyone,

I had always felt There’s more to it, there’s always a hidden reason.

I have been finding it difficult to breathe in the air,

More I blend in, more I absorb the dispair.

Though I love being around all of them at all moments,

But being the outsider I have been, I may have never felt the warmth of that embrace.

After actually fitting in and being on the inside,

First I thought as the outsider I might leave life on a peaceful night.

Little did I knew, there were that what I’ve become,

I can never be complete untill I have seen the insider’s perception.

It’s strange sometimes that we say that life is unpredictable,

We always plan to live through the end,

It’s the end which takes the cake with all the deception,

And be the real MVP to make the final amends.


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