What have you planned for?

So…maybe another rant here..but here it goes!!

Everyday when you get a notification of Facebook,

“Mate! Here’s some memories to be looked”

Have you ever wondered how many you have planned and how many are the ran-dumb status?

Or is it only I, who, whenever see something of past,gets anxious.

I had to think this way maybe because I have seen people planning all the time,

Someone buying life insurance to ensure a good life after death,

I have to give it to their confidence of knowing that they may not be at their prime,

And how we want to calculate and manipulate every last breath.

Do you reckon you one can predict the forces of nature and the rules unwritten?

Can we even plan for each and every smitten?

It’s wonderful to see that the world’s ever hoping,

But so does the despairs waiting for the ‘right’ planning!

I got an advise one day, from my financial advisor,

He said, “get a life insurance, and make the future brighter”

I wondered if it was his future he was talking about,

As I am no wiser in planning life after deaths, as that plan can never be carried out.

Sometimes, I feel i am lacking the empathy, or apathy, I don’t know!

It’s difficult for me to put the emotions on a social show,

Maybe I am still a kid struggling to understand the ways,

That how can you plan something which cannot be planned anyways.


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