Satisfaction is a myth

Since the start of this new year, I have been getting so many lessons,

Amecable they may sound, amenable is their essence.

Time is the puzzle, waiting to be solved by no one ever,

It’s a treasure which belonged to everyone and no one to endeavour.

Sorting the disasters throughout to save the deep-feelings-bay,

Freefalling into it as it can be to enjoy one more lonely day.

Although I know I may look immaculate while hiding the anger with silence,

Conversations then are better suited inside my head for better guidance.

The traction for treding the path like a toddler,

Intrusions became the real deal due to havoc caused by my mind’s stratus.

Only when I am able to define the circles of content for all the desires,

No correct way is ever defined to be the happiest one,even when you and I will retire.

Idioms as an ideology are not the ones to be treated as lessons,

So they are wrapped and imposed to us like a social laws.

A way to achieve content, felicity and peace is through simplest of understanding,

Myth busting and drawing silver linings while reading the lies ever expanding.

‘You shall not pass’ the bar of life untill you fulfill all those rituals known to a man,

The moment you do so, that’s the moment of truth to reveal the very simple plan,

Hiding in the schematics so simple, making us delusional to basics is the best joke life can pull on the man!


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