Lead the way sire!

I have a strange philosophy to live and survive,

The rules are to be respected, but there are thousands of ways to thrive.

One can pave the path to lead the way to success,

But there are consequences of all those actions in excess.

The weight on my chest thus is increasing constantly,

By listening to all of the surrounding’s sugar-coated profanity,

Chocking, unable to breathe at all in the atmosphere around,

Looks to me everyone is sucking the life of me and putting me into the ground.

I’ve always tried to go gentle into the good night,

Maybe it was me making peace with my frights.

In the process of looking for the best in everyone,

I reckon I was ousted by the geniuses of society.

So I tell it to the bloodthirsty ones,

“Sure you are not eligible to lead the platoons,

But humour me and lead the way,


At least I would be in the back to either guide you or laugh at your satire.”

And thus,

I get the satisfaction of not being the boss but the humanoid I wanted to be,

Everything I’ve learnt, perceived can be put to a better use than thinking about things with anistropy.


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