Watch your step!!

The only advise given to us when growing up,

Don’t be careless!!

The warning given to us to be on the path of righteousness.

Little did I know,

Everything we do is not the way we are told to do.

Show empathy to the needy!!

Learn to give and not to be greedy.

Be patient for better results!!

Act after only you had read the moments pulse.

There are tons of instructions written down for leading a life of good,

However I do not understand why we don’t follow them in the adulthood.

Think outside the box!!

Broaden your horizons to define your own equinox.

Look for the source of Light!!

Follow it, it will make things alright.

Everything said might be true in its own design.

But it has always been unclear, where do we draw the line.

The asks are getting bigger day by day.

Keeps the thoughts of keeping the self esteem at bay.

But Hey!

Lessons are meant to be learnt.

Apart from skin, the world will make your heart burn.

Take the higher ground, break your fall, not your neck.

If you’ve been up, you’re gonna go down next.

What May seem like a hyperbolic curve,

Could be the full circle.

Keep on moving forward, for what May lie ahead is the outcome you actually deserve.


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