The Diaries of “them”

Have you ever wondered when you were young,

If the diary of your crush mentioned you as a potential fling.

Wouldn’t that be a funny discovery?

If the diary elaborated a fictional scenario of both of you together,

Maybe enjoying the ice cream cone,while your hands intertwined together.

Wouldn’t that be so satisfying to achieve?

Everytime you “buzzed” the invisible username on yahoo and MSN,

In the hope of finding them online, and still having the talking permission.

Wouldn’t that be exciting to be actually next to them while talking?

All the courage you gathered on the last day of college of hiding behind the notebook,

To go to them and ask them to fill the slam book.

Wouldn’t that be nice to get one back from them, not as a formality?

Grown now, do you think they follow your Instagram daily?

Or see your tweets just like you do?

Wouldn’t that be nice to see a DM from them once a while?

( Not just on birthday)

Well, maybe all of these were true.

Maybe you had something to connect to.

Why didn’t you?

Maybe there was a God’s sign to persue,

(Or not)

Even if you did not make into the diary, you made into their memories.

Just for once maybe, wouldn’t that be amazing to discover that you actually made it to their diary?


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