Where is when?

The unequivocal references to the definition of when,

Where do we draw the line when we don’t hold the pen.

The design we desire to swivel away from the deadly sins,

Can be defined after we know where is when?

What needs to be done?

When honouring someone is judged as an act of pusillanimity.

While still unsure growing feelings of antipathy,

Still trying to understand the role of what is who with my left out dignity.

There’s the hymns stuck in my head,

Why though, it feels like they are not going to be my godspeed.

Why is the destination of where is more important than the journey?

Where will you be after life, and where will be your money?

Where is why we are surviving questions?

Why is where we have to decide the destinations.

Whatever we want to be we need the be,

We should be free enough to plant the knowledge tree.

If you feel all the above words are a bunch of confusing entwined emotions,

You may be correct and about to solve the puzzle of the W’s of motivations.

I have been petrified to my the core of my nerves,

And still trying to understand that,

Where is when?

What is who?

Why is where?


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