The opposite fall season

Tears tears through realities,

Keynotes of the music plays like a tease.

Smothering? Are we not every moment,

Recovering? Meh! You lost the very component.



Pretending to attend the tender September,

May you feel closer to the devil’s December.

Promises? There’s so much of them in your youth,

Broken promises? Well, isn’t that the actual truth?



Even when you want to make everything even,

Never count your loses over the number of wins.

Sympathies? There’s always T&Cs with silver linings,

Apologies? Great! Now we’re learning.



Dice the dice of your lucky anonymity,

Times are now being rebel to show Nobelity & chivalry.

Alone? Feeling all alone in the noises around,

Solution? #laugh! Still digging,it’s way too underground.



Lie lied on the road to perdition,

Double the damage to go to imaginary wonderland.

Felt it? Well! That feeling of the opposite of a fall,

Flip it! You should see the world turmoil.



The current current of thoughts,

Can be earthed either ways and create the mind’s sillhoutes,

Godspeed? Farout! Blessing or curse,

Damnation? Maybe doomed we are, are better for worse.



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