The sense of: watching

<< every sense has a story #2>>

The stories you heard, started to make sense,

When you finally saw it on the Netflix screen.

Till then you just accepted your knowledge under false pretense,

You realised how important is the world, so much unseen.

Then only, when you see,

You realised than its always more than what meets the eye,

You were just watching the world in awe,

Now you began to see.

The toddler in the playschool,

He’s now demanding toys he had seen in other kid’s grasp.

You would fill his wishes like a fool,

As after long day at work, you just don’t want to relapse.

One of the key sense of vision

It can teach you deception or discretion,

The power lie in not what you see,

But on how you see.

The key design of human anatomy

Losing it may feel your life will be gloomy,

Sometimes though, loss of vision gains you a perception.

That everything may not be as you see, it was always the mind’s deception.

Unshackle your mind of the maze of sense

For the gift of vision is both blessing and a curse.

For the mind to be free as a spirit,

You need to listen to the story of each sense to make sense.

That “everything and nothing is true” is the ultimate presence.


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