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The sense of: hearing

《Every sense has a story》

Humans, known by humans for their intelligence,

Always ready to wrong with the right defences.

What truely defines us apart is the senses in the count of six,

The will to use them alone or in a mix.

Here today is a story of the sense of hearing,

We listen,learn, leverage or lie for a little bit of cheering.



Go social, login to Facebook, Twitter, Insta or YouTube.

Go out to be social or be inside the social cube.

Sixteen or sixty, we are entitled to listen to the opinion of the masses,

And then gets sucked in to be sucker punched on the faces.



More the words, more the emotions,

More & more is the granularity of the confusions.

the more we listen, the less we think,

Taking no action for the actions, let them hopes briskly sink.



Some will tell you your divine purpose,

Some will derail you to failure on purpose.

What you hear can manipulate what you want,

Else if you want, you can manipulate what you hear.



In reality, the sense of hearing alone can be excruciating,

Wanted to do on the basis of rumors can be humiliating.

The whispers, hymns, words you take into your mind,

Can be misinterpreted in 1000 ways to make you emotionally blind.



Thus, rely on nothing and everything at the same time,

Don’t go out trying useless and senseless rhymes.

Be on look out on what’s to come,

Just like stories of other senses I am going to show like an old gum.


The opposite fall season

Tears tears through realities,

Keynotes of the music plays like a tease.

Smothering? Are we not every moment,

Recovering? Meh! You lost the very component.



Pretending to attend the tender September,

May you feel closer to the devil’s December.

Promises? There’s so much of them in your youth,

Broken promises? Well, isn’t that the actual truth?



Even when you want to make everything even,

Never count your loses over the number of wins.

Sympathies? There’s always T&Cs with silver linings,

Apologies? Great! Now we’re learning.



Dice the dice of your lucky anonymity,

Times are now being rebel to show Nobelity & chivalry.

Alone? Feeling all alone in the noises around,

Solution? #laugh! Still digging,it’s way too underground.



Lie lied on the road to perdition,

Double the damage to go to imaginary wonderland.

Felt it? Well! That feeling of the opposite of a fall,

Flip it! You should see the world turmoil.



The current current of thoughts,

Can be earthed either ways and create the mind’s sillhoutes,

Godspeed? Farout! Blessing or curse,

Damnation? Maybe doomed we are, are better for worse.


Where is when?

The unequivocal references to the definition of when,

Where do we draw the line when we don’t hold the pen.

The design we desire to swivel away from the deadly sins,

Can be defined after we know where is when?

What needs to be done?

When honouring someone is judged as an act of pusillanimity.

While still unsure growing feelings of antipathy,

Still trying to understand the role of what is who with my left out dignity.

There’s the hymns stuck in my head,

Why though, it feels like they are not going to be my godspeed.

Why is the destination of where is more important than the journey?

Where will you be after life, and where will be your money?

Where is why we are surviving questions?

Why is where we have to decide the destinations.

Whatever we want to be we need the be,

We should be free enough to plant the knowledge tree.

If you feel all the above words are a bunch of confusing entwined emotions,

You may be correct and about to solve the puzzle of the W’s of motivations.

I have been petrified to my the core of my nerves,

And still trying to understand that,

Where is when?

What is who?

Why is where?

The Diaries of “them”

Have you ever wondered when you were young,

If the diary of your crush mentioned you as a potential fling.

Wouldn’t that be a funny discovery?

If the diary elaborated a fictional scenario of both of you together,

Maybe enjoying the ice cream cone,while your hands intertwined together.

Wouldn’t that be so satisfying to achieve?

Everytime you “buzzed” the invisible username on yahoo and MSN,

In the hope of finding them online, and still having the talking permission.

Wouldn’t that be exciting to be actually next to them while talking?

All the courage you gathered on the last day of college of hiding behind the notebook,

To go to them and ask them to fill the slam book.

Wouldn’t that be nice to get one back from them, not as a formality?

Grown now, do you think they follow your Instagram daily?

Or see your tweets just like you do?

Wouldn’t that be nice to see a DM from them once a while?

( Not just on birthday)

Well, maybe all of these were true.

Maybe you had something to connect to.

Why didn’t you?

Maybe there was a God’s sign to persue,

(Or not)

Even if you did not make into the diary, you made into their memories.

Just for once maybe, wouldn’t that be amazing to discover that you actually made it to their diary?


Watch your step!!

The only advise given to us when growing up,

Don’t be careless!!

The warning given to us to be on the path of righteousness.

Little did I know,

Everything we do is not the way we are told to do.

Show empathy to the needy!!

Learn to give and not to be greedy.

Be patient for better results!!

Act after only you had read the moments pulse.

There are tons of instructions written down for leading a life of good,

However I do not understand why we don’t follow them in the adulthood.

Think outside the box!!

Broaden your horizons to define your own equinox.

Look for the source of Light!!

Follow it, it will make things alright.

Everything said might be true in its own design.

But it has always been unclear, where do we draw the line.

The asks are getting bigger day by day.

Keeps the thoughts of keeping the self esteem at bay.

But Hey!

Lessons are meant to be learnt.

Apart from skin, the world will make your heart burn.

Take the higher ground, break your fall, not your neck.

If you’ve been up, you’re gonna go down next.

What May seem like a hyperbolic curve,

Could be the full circle.

Keep on moving forward, for what May lie ahead is the outcome you actually deserve.

Lead the way sire!

I have a strange philosophy to live and survive,

The rules are to be respected, but there are thousands of ways to thrive.

One can pave the path to lead the way to success,

But there are consequences of all those actions in excess.

The weight on my chest thus is increasing constantly,

By listening to all of the surrounding’s sugar-coated profanity,

Chocking, unable to breathe at all in the atmosphere around,

Looks to me everyone is sucking the life of me and putting me into the ground.

I’ve always tried to go gentle into the good night,

Maybe it was me making peace with my frights.

In the process of looking for the best in everyone,

I reckon I was ousted by the geniuses of society.

So I tell it to the bloodthirsty ones,

“Sure you are not eligible to lead the platoons,

But humour me and lead the way,


At least I would be in the back to either guide you or laugh at your satire.”

And thus,

I get the satisfaction of not being the boss but the humanoid I wanted to be,

Everything I’ve learnt, perceived can be put to a better use than thinking about things with anistropy.

चार की परिभाषा

बचपन से आज तक एक समस्या ने उलझा के रखा है,
सुनते आये हमेशा की फलाना काम करोगे तो चार लोग क्या कहेंगे?
आज तक समझ आया नहीं की कौन हैं ये चार लोग, कहाँ से आते हैं,
क्यों हमारे भेड़चाल समाज में इतना डर फैलते हैं.

चकाचौंध वाली एक सड़क पे चलने पे हो या,
अकेले अँधेरी गलियों में फिरनें का सोचा हो कभी,
हर राह बस अलग अलग चौराहों पे आके थम सी गयी,
के फिर लगा के शायद चार लोग से पूछ ही लेना पड़ेगा रास्ता अभी.

अब जब चौराहों पे रास्ता समझते चारों खाने चित्त होके ,भटकने का एहसास हुआ,
तब सोचा की कहाँ गए वो चार लोग और उनकी वो ‘यह करलो, आगे तो ऐश है वाली’ दुआ.
चंचल मन को तब यह कहके समझाया,
ज़िन्दगी का सार तो सरलता है , न की कोई मोह माया.

सुना था कभी की चार दिन की चांदनी है,फिर अँधेरी रात,
चार का ये फेर तो लेकिन चार दिन की ज़िंदगानी के बाद भी करता है फरियाद,
चार लोगो के चार कंधो के लालच में, सब सपने अपने ताक पर रख जाता है हर कोई,
बस समझ पाता नहीं तो ये की चार के चक्कर में क्या झूठ है और क्या सच्चाई.

उपरोक्त चार छंदों पे चार पंक्तिया बस और,
चार के चक्कर में न पड़के अगर कर लेते थोड़ा सुविचार,
मंज़िल पे अपनी पाँव पसार लेते आखिरकार,
फिर क्या चार लोग, जानने वाले बन जाते कई हज़ार.

Satisfaction is a myth

Since the start of this new year, I have been getting so many lessons,

Amecable they may sound, amenable is their essence.

Time is the puzzle, waiting to be solved by no one ever,

It’s a treasure which belonged to everyone and no one to endeavour.

Sorting the disasters throughout to save the deep-feelings-bay,

Freefalling into it as it can be to enjoy one more lonely day.

Although I know I may look immaculate while hiding the anger with silence,

Conversations then are better suited inside my head for better guidance.

The traction for treding the path like a toddler,

Intrusions became the real deal due to havoc caused by my mind’s stratus.

Only when I am able to define the circles of content for all the desires,

No correct way is ever defined to be the happiest one,even when you and I will retire.

Idioms as an ideology are not the ones to be treated as lessons,

So they are wrapped and imposed to us like a social laws.

A way to achieve content, felicity and peace is through simplest of understanding,

Myth busting and drawing silver linings while reading the lies ever expanding.

‘You shall not pass’ the bar of life untill you fulfill all those rituals known to a man,

The moment you do so, that’s the moment of truth to reveal the very simple plan,

Hiding in the schematics so simple, making us delusional to basics is the best joke life can pull on the man!

खौफ और खाइशें

ज़िन्दगी के सफर में, मंज़िलों की तलाश में,

हम हर किस्म का अनुभव बनाते चलते आएं हैं,

अभावों के एवज में ख्वाहिशो को चकमा देते बस कुछ दस कदम बढ़ाएं हैं,
पीछे अब जब नज़र पलट के देखा की क्या खोया इन अरमानों को छोड़ के,
एक अलग ही एहसास समझ में आया ॥

कभी जिनको ख्वाहिशें समझा था, वो तो दरअसल एक समझौता थे,
फितरत ऐसी पाल ली थी की दिखावो के पीछे भाग रहे थे,
अब जब कुछ एहसास हुआ ऐसा की किंकर्तव्यविमूढ़ हो उठे,
जिन्हे मंज़िल समझ बढ़ रहे थे ख्वाहिशों की,
वो तो हार के खौफ के एवज में बन गयी थीं ॥

जब गौर किया तो लगा के बचपन से अब तक मंसूबे तो कुछ अलग करने के थे,
कभी पायलट, कभी साइंटिस्ट तो कभी अफसर बनने के थे,
ये कहा चार लोग के डर से प्रैक्टिकल होकर उन अरमानो को खौफ की चादर में लपेट कर छुपा लिया,
के अब सोचूं तो लगता है, ऐसे ख़ौफ़ज़दा होके कौनसा सोने का महल बना लिया ॥

अथक प्रयासों की जब थकान उतरी तो एक बात ज़ेहन को समझ आयी,
यहाँ प्रयासों की तो सिर्फ सराहना होनी है,असल पूछ तो परिणामो की है
बस अब तो ज़माने से इतनी सी है दुहाई,
की ज़माने के खौफ की लगाई बंदिशों से ज़िन्दगी की ख्वाहिशों कही न हो जाये अंतिम विदाई ॥

What have you planned for?

So…maybe another rant here..but here it goes!!

Everyday when you get a notification of Facebook,

“Mate! Here’s some memories to be looked”

Have you ever wondered how many you have planned and how many are the ran-dumb status?

Or is it only I, who, whenever see something of past,gets anxious.

I had to think this way maybe because I have seen people planning all the time,

Someone buying life insurance to ensure a good life after death,

I have to give it to their confidence of knowing that they may not be at their prime,

And how we want to calculate and manipulate every last breath.

Do you reckon you one can predict the forces of nature and the rules unwritten?

Can we even plan for each and every smitten?

It’s wonderful to see that the world’s ever hoping,

But so does the despairs waiting for the ‘right’ planning!

I got an advise one day, from my financial advisor,

He said, “get a life insurance, and make the future brighter”

I wondered if it was his future he was talking about,

As I am no wiser in planning life after deaths, as that plan can never be carried out.

Sometimes, I feel i am lacking the empathy, or apathy, I don’t know!

It’s difficult for me to put the emotions on a social show,

Maybe I am still a kid struggling to understand the ways,

That how can you plan something which cannot be planned anyways.