The sense of: hearing

《Every sense has a story》

Humans, known by humans for their intelligence,

Always ready to wrong with the right defences.

What truely defines us apart is the senses in the count of six,

The will to use them alone or in a mix.

Here today is a story of the sense of hearing,

We listen,learn, leverage or lie for a little bit of cheering.



Go social, login to Facebook, Twitter, Insta or YouTube.

Go out to be social or be inside the social cube.

Sixteen or sixty, we are entitled to listen to the opinion of the masses,

And then gets sucked in to be sucker punched on the faces.



More the words, more the emotions,

More & more is the granularity of the confusions.

the more we listen, the less we think,

Taking no action for the actions, let them hopes briskly sink.



Some will tell you your divine purpose,

Some will derail you to failure on purpose.

What you hear can manipulate what you want,

Else if you want, you can manipulate what you hear.



In reality, the sense of hearing alone can be excruciating,

Wanted to do on the basis of rumors can be humiliating.

The whispers, hymns, words you take into your mind,

Can be misinterpreted in 1000 ways to make you emotionally blind.



Thus, rely on nothing and everything at the same time,

Don’t go out trying useless and senseless rhymes.

Be on look out on what’s to come,

Just like stories of other senses I am going to show like an old gum.


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